Souptik Datta

I am currently working as a Web Engineer at rtCamp, exploring the less-spoken engineering side of WordPress.
I like backend web programming, learning about networking, and just exploring Linux. I also enjoy creating games and participating in game jams, here you can check out some of my games.

Ongoing side projects

Here are the side-projects I am currently working on in my free time:
  • souptik.dev - This is the current website you are reading this on. I am working full-fledged on building this site as a fully equipped blogging site with all the features which a blogging site might offer. The backend of the site is written in WordPress where I can devote my entire concentration on just writing content on WordPress' beautiful Gutenberg editor. And the Frontend is written on Next.JS which pre-compiles all the pages and blogs from the WordPress backend and provides them to the user blazing fast. If you are more interested in reading about the full architecture of the website you can visit the GitHub repo and also keep an eye here, because I will be dropping some detailed blogs on the same very soon.
  • WordPress Lando setup - This is an automation script that not only provides an automated customizable WordPress local development setup creation script but also has certain optimizations to save a lot of disk space. To learn more about it you can visit the project's GitHub repo or the blog post or the update post.
  • Automated computer setup script - Compatible computer setup plays a great role in working efficiently. So, setting up a fresh new system with the exactly same setup is kind of tedious. Documentation will surely help a lot in this process but still involves a lot of manual work. Because of this, I am putting effort into writing an Ansible script to automatically setup the whole system to the exact replica of the previous one. This will be a combination of my Dotfiles, containing all my configurations related to the different software I use, and the above-mentioned Ansible script to place all the bits together. The project is currently not public as this is just in the initial phase and many things are left to be done to atleast release the initial version. You can keep an eye out for new blogs on the topic and also these Computer Setup and Dotfiles repositories which will be public once in the initial release phase.
You can connect with me on social platforms here - Linkedin, Twitter.
Here is my GitHub profile for anyone who wants to have a look at all my projects.
That’s it! This page will keep growing along with experience till then take care and stay safe.
You may take a peek at my resume here.
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