Update: WordPress Lando Setup v2🐳

Posted by Souptik Datta on 2022-10-19 @ 20:10:14
Hello and welcome to the second post on WordPress Lando Setup project. Here is an overview of the major update which I was working on in October month.
There are a lot of interesting features and optimizations to provide you with a smooth experience of creating WordPress sites while also keeping your system happy.

Version choice

Now you are able to choose versions of WordPress, PHP, and even Node which will be installed on your site. You can pass command line arguments to choose the versions like this -
./setup.sh anything ~/wordpress --wp=5.9 --php=7.4 --node=16.x
And if you don't provide any version then by default latest version will be used.
But please remember to provide a compatible WordPress and PHP version. For example, if you provide the WordPress version as 5.0 and the PHP version as 7.4, then this would result in a broken site as these two versions of WordPress and PHP are not compatible. You can also refer to this chart for best fits.

Multisite support

Now you can create a WordPress multi-site setup with it as easily as a single-site site. You just have to pass two extra arguments named multisite and multisitetype to specify whether to create a multisite and what type of multisite respectively. If you don't specify the multisitetype argument then by default subdomain multi-site will be created. Here is an example to create a sub-directory multi-site -
./setup.sh anything ~/wordpress --multisite=yes --multisitetype=subdirectory
The argument multisite accepts two values, yes or no. And the argument multisitetype also accepts two values, subdomain and subdirectory.

VIP template support

You are now also able to create a site with WordPress VIP template. Just like multisite there is one argument named vip which you can pass as yes or no to create a VIP site or a normal site.

Memcache support

Memcache is installed with all the sites installed, but it is not enabled by default. To enable it to move the wp-contents/plugins/memcached/object-cache.php file to wp-contents directory. And that's it.


Apart from these features, certain small optimizations are made related to the overall size of the codebase to save disk space.
The ultimate motive of this setup is to provide the smoothest automated setup, with high flexibility, without any manual setup, and most importantly keeping everything the lightest as we can.
That's it for this update post. Currently, there is no more plan for any major update. There may be some patch updates if I face any bugs. And as always if you find some bugs then please raise an issue and then even contribute to the project✨.
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