My First WordCamp Speaking Experience!

Posted by Souptik Datta on 2024-01-14 @ 00:15:46
TLDR; my first venture into public speaking took place at Kolkata CareerCamp2024 on 6th January 2024!
This post aims to condense the experience, intertwining personal reflections and expressing gratitude towards some individuals.

About my talk

My talk was about web components, and how we can use them to make our front-end scalable using lightweight and reusable components using only DOM-level APIs!
I had apprehensions primarily about two aspects – my confidence and the engagement level of the chosen topic.
Fortunately, my confidence held up well during the speech, and I managed to avoid significant stumbling. However, I'm hesitant to judge the engagement myself. According to feedback from some individuals, it wasn't bad! Might be if there were some more developers present in the talk, it would have been more enjoyable.
At least I can confidently say I was the one who enjoyed it the most! Speaking was a fantastic experience for me.

About the event

Now, onto the fun part – the event itself! It kicked off with a hearty Kolkata-style breakfast featuring "Koraishuti’r Kochuri and aloo dum" 😋
After that, it started with some awesome speeches, while I was in full panic mode regarding my speech. But with some courage from some awesome people, I stepped up and completed my presentation which I wrote about earlier.
And once the presentation was done, now my mind was free and I was all ready for some great conversations! Encountered numerous remarkable individuals from diverse career paths, engaging in insightful conversations that provided valuable perspectives, while making some great friends!
This was followed by a sumptuous lunch and a series of other engaging talks.
And lastly, they began distributing tokens of appreciation for organizers, volunteers, and speakers! I had no prior knowledge of these mementos, and it truly felt like a special touch. 😬 Many thanks for that!
Lastly, a big thank you to all the organizers and volunteers who made this event possible. A special shoutout goes to two organizers who played a pivotal role in ensuring my first speaking experience went seamlessly - Subrata Sarkar and Tristup Ghosh.
Also! A special thanks to Prasad Nevase, and Rounak Datta for guiding me through my first speaking event!
To some, it may seem like a straightforward experience, but for me, those 8 hours left me with a myriad of impressions and memories -
  • Debut in public speaking.
  • Got to know some amazing and talented people.
  • Connect with an awesome community - the Kolkata WordPress community.
  • An unforgettable experience.
Looking eagerly for the next one!
Talk going on!
Thanks, for the token of appreciation!
Finally, for those who still remain unconvinced about the capabilities of web components, the aforementioned slider, showcasing the images you observed, has been constructed using solely web components, encapsulated within a concise set of code present in a single Git commit! 😛
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