Discovering Bangalore: A Journey Through India’s Tech Capital

Posted by Souptik Datta on 2024-03-26 @ 02:31:52
Hey everyone, present to you a virtual tour of my Bangalore trip, that I took this March. It was a one-week fully packed tour, exploring something new and exciting every day! But before we dive into the details, here's a little trivia question for you: What is Bangalore called? You might be familiar with one name, but do you know its other moniker? πŸ˜‰
I hail from West Bengal and had an early morning flight scheduled. My mother had been planning to visit a temple near the airport for quite some time. Taking advantage of the opportunity, we decided to combine our trips - they could visit the temple while also conveniently dropping me off at the airport. Hence, we opted to travel by car to our destination.
Ah, the start of our journey was kind of an "adventure" in itself! Just as we set out, fate threw us a curveball - our car tire got punctured. Fortunately, we had a spare tire ready and just enough time to handle the situation without any rush!
Next getting my free window seat and extra leg space from the check-in counter I boarded the plane and reached Bangalore! 😁

Day 1 - March 6th

I am starting day one from the point I landed at BLR airport. After landing at Bangalore I had another "adventure" πŸ˜‚. Having very little knowledge about buses from BLR airport, I waited for more than one hour in the scorching sunlight of Bangalore! But anyhow finally after lots of struggle, reached my friends' place, where I had planned to stay during my trip!
My super nice friend had prepared a nice meal for me. Even if I was super late, but he waited for me and we enjoyed lunch together after a long time! πŸ˜‹
At night we went to a nearby Darshini (Darshinis are a special restaurant concept in Bangalore - read more about it here), named "Umesh Refreshment". Thanks to my elder brother for suggesting this! To mention - my brother only planned the entire itinerary, and it was awesome!
Here are some pics, with the food names attached! πŸ˜‹
Pudi Idli
Pudi Dose
From Left: My Brother (Rounak), Dipanjan, Mayukh, Prajesh, Me
Our Humble adobe πŸ˜‚

Day 2 - March 7th

Day 2 was marked with another level of excitement, as I was traveling to the client office which I am working with - Travelopia!
Stepping into the office, I was greeted with warmth and courtesy that made me feel right at home, almost as if I were at rtCamp's office itself.
Engaging in non-virtual meetings after what felt like ages was a refreshing change, and to top it off, we enjoyed a delightful team lunch together! πŸ˜‹ Thank you so much for creating this awesome memory!
Again here are some pics! -

Day 3 - March 8th

Day 3 was marked a full-day tour with my brother, visiting various places and eating delicious new cuisines.
First, we went to "Jigli Thindi" to have our breakfast! In Telegu, "Thindi" means "food/breakfast" (hopefully 😬).
Then we went to Lalbagh Botanical Garden. And here comes another name for Bangalore - the "Garden City of India".
And then lastly we went to "Dialogues Cafe" for lunch and also I had some meetings to attend. I had never been to a co-working cafe, so it was a different and good experience to work from a cafe!
Here are some photo dumps -
Set Dosa
Mangalore Bun
Jagli Thindi - Our breakfast point!
Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Cool sculptures using rocks at Lalbagh Botanical Garden
Me and my brother!

Day 4 - March 9th

We (me, my brother, and Mayukh) kicked off the day by visiting the HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) museum, where we delved into the history of old aircraft and absorbed a wealth of information, although, truth be told, much of it remained at HAL museum only instead of the brain. πŸ˜…
Then we had a tasty lunch at Sheezan restaurant, where we enjoyed Steaks!
In the second half, we had a sudden friends reunion! We went to Neelak's flat, where memories unfolded with some fun Uno games! Also not to mention, the bike ride with Mayukh in the cool breeze, was amazing!
Again here is a compilation of the 4th day -
After open Gym πŸ˜‚
From left: Dipanjan, Prajesh, Me, Neelak, Dishari, Mayukh

Day 5 - March 10th

It was also a fully planned, day with the second part an adventurous one!
Firstly for lunch, we went to a native restaurant, where we finally got some food served on Banana leaves! It was a really tasty meal, with special type of Paratha and some sea foods!
After that, we took a selfie with our doggy buddy and then we departed towards our next destination - Play Zone!!
We had planned to do "Go-Carting"! And what an experience it was! We enjoyed it so, much that we instantly booked another round and got to it! πŸ˜…
Our Bunny friend!
Ready for Go-carting?!
Excited faces after first round of Go-carting!
Tasty white sauce chowmine prepared by Dipanjan for dinner! πŸ˜‹

Day 6 - March 11th

Me and my brother went for some traditional breakfast together! We had "Bath Dosa". It's basically rice inside a Dosa! It might sound odd, but trust me, it was very tasty! The itself had a different texture - Crispy outside, and fluffy inside. And then adding the rice (lemon and tomato rice) inside really added a different feeling!
After that I headed to Travelopia office for the first half, meeting more people and having some more fun!
The second half we spent at our flat, had lots of chit-chats and casual talks! That day I also learned how great of a guitar teacher Prajesh is! Thanks for the teaching. Today while writing this, I can say that it helped me! πŸ™‡
Bath Dosa!

Day 7 - March 12th

Last day! - So fast, huh? πŸ₯Ί
And here comes the last day!
With a little heavy heart I bid farewell to all my friends as they went to their office one by one. After that completed the rest of the packaging and finally bid farewell to Mayukh and my previous 6 day's sweet stay!
Then I met my brother, from where we were first supposed to go somewhere to have some lunch and then go to the railway station for a final bye-bye to Bangalore!
As usual, my brother took me to some awesome places to have lunch, where we first had a Mango milkshake and then some tasty chicken and Paratha!
After that we headed towards the railway station and then bid a farewell to my brother and boarded the train and headed towards Pune to create more memories while cherishing the beautiful moments of the past seven days, while having some fun Whatsapp chats helping me spend some boring train time fast!
Mango Milkshake!
Some work, or act to work!
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